Wildcat Coming Home

Wildcat Coming Home


Limited Edition
61 x 41cm. (Image Size) Produced on Somerset Velvet Cotton Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Edition of 90 Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $259 CAD each.


In the spring of 2001, the huge Chisholm fire raged during the day like only a Spring fire can — a crazy quilt of newly leafed trees and newly burnt trees. In the evening, the fire would lay down out of the crowns (usually) and the great columns of smoke trailed off to the north on the upper winds.
In the beginning stages of a campaign fire, machines and people are pushed to the limits. One of those limits is daylight and when the sun sets, it’s time to head back to base. This Wildcat 212HP has worked hard for 14 hours — moving firefighters and bucketing. Leading the “Bucket Brigade” home for the night, it trails its own from a 50 metre long-line that it uses for precision placement of water and foam on hotspots.

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