April Flood - Swans

April Flood - Swans


 Limited Edition
61 x 41cm. (Image Size) Produced on Somerset Cotton Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Edition of 90 (10 Artist Proofs) Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $249 CAD each


North America’s largest waterfowl is the Trumpeter Swan and the smallest is the Bufflehead duck. They make a comical pair but on April days can be seen traveling to the same bodies of water to rest on the long migration North. Just when Spring seems to be here, one last snow storm covers us with a wet white blanket. Snow quickly melts on the warming earth and gathers in low spots to form temporary ponds which the water fowl love to rest and feed on. Trumpeter Swans were near the brink of extinction 40 years ago, due to loss of habitat. With the help of farmer and forester they are now recovering – each year more of these majestic birds take wing.

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