Freefall with SkyGenie

Freefall with SkyGenie


Limited Edition
53 x 45.5 cm. (Image Size) Produced on Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Edition of 250 Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $189 CAD each.


Jumping out of helicopters at tree top level may seem like a strange way to earn a summer wage but the Rapattack crews all love it so much they are willing to put up with the tough training that it takes before the chopper door slides open and the Spotter attaches them to their SkyGenie for the big slide. If you want to stop a forest fire early, you need to get a crew to the scene quickly – being able to drop firefighters on site makes all the difference. It also takes an expert pilot who can hover motionless under all conditions. Conair Helicopters owns and operates CG-FHM, a Bell Super205 with a belly tank.

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