Against the Rising Sun

Against the Rising Sun


Limited Edition

90 Signed and Numbered
81 x 53cm. (Image Size)
Produced on Somerset Velvet Cotton Stock
Print Price: $289 CAD each



Scattered fragments of last night’s rain squall frame the swift tropical sunrise.  A bone weary plane crew pauses to enjoy it and the cool sea breeze while the dawn CAP lifts off.  Another miracle has been performed.  Somehow during a night of mosquitoes, torrential rain, then mosquitoes again – they have changed a “jug” and magneto then helped in the fuelling, arming and bomb-up of their F4U-1A Corsair.  An engine run-up into the wind to test their repairs and warm the oil completes the night’s labours.
We tend to discuss the merits of Zeros and Hellcats – analyze tactics, battles and heroes but fail to remember or talk much of what was truly decisive. The air war in the Pacific was won by the side that could provide and maintain more safe, reliable aircraft that could survive a fight, and if not, the pilot could survive the aircraft.  This Corsair stands sun faded, salt stained, battle torn – and ready – against the rising sun.

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