First Snow – Chinook Blowing In

First Snow – Chinook Blowing In


Limited Edition
63.5 x 48 cm. (Image Size) Produced on Buckeye Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Edition of 250 Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $145 CAD each.


When the last Geese have flown from the Aspen Parklands and the last field has been tilled, there is a special time of waiting for the coming of Winter.The first snow arrives to dust the land with white and the promise of more to come. Occasionally though, there is a reprieve from the inevitable when a glorious Chinook wind comes to melt that snow away and provide a balmy Halloween for the children. These days before the wind shifts to the North again, are loved by all – a last opportunity to chop some more wood or do some yard chores before all is covered by a blanket of snow and the long winter is here.

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