Down For the Night

Down For the Night


Limited Editions
76.5 x 47 cm and 58 x 37 cm. (Image Size) Produced on Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Editions of 250 Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $249 CAD each


Tanker Group 17, Conair FireCats, has just been washed and the puddles gleam in the deepening twilight. The distant rumble of thunder and the soft tick of the cooling engines are all that breaks the quiet. A tired pilot leans back and lights a smoke after 8 hours in a sun-baked cockpit, while the engineers prepare to remove the oil cooler on 569. If pilots hog the glory, then engineers are the guts – working through the short summer night to make sure that these machines are on-line and ready to rock and roll at daybreak. These Grumman S-2 Trackers have been converted to FireCats by Conair Aviation, and are a nimble and effective aerial fire fighter.

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