Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


Limited Edition
66 x 43 cm. (Image Size) Produced on Somerset Velvet cotton rag
The Limited Edition of 200 Signed and Numbered Gicleé Prints
Print Price: $259 CAD each.

50% of the proceeds from this print sale are donated to the Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society to keep 11094 in the air.


During the Battle of the Atlantic, all merchant shipping needed a Guardian Angel as they had to be formed into slow convoys that were protected by Navy escorts on the surface and Air Force patrol bombers from above. A crucial portion of this protection was mid-Atlantic so Iceland was used by American, British and Canadian squadrons that patrolled ahead of and to the sides of the convoy. In this painting a Canadian built Canso is descending to get below a layer of cloud to continue the mission. At the end of the war, many of these planes entered into Civilian service as fire bombers and freighters in the North. This aircraft, 11094, worked for years and reached the end of it’s service when it sank in an NWT lake. A group of farmers in Fairview, Alberta decided to rescue and restore this aircraft to flying condition which they’ve achieved and they now fly it to Airshows in the summer. To contribute to these efforts, 50% of the proceeds from these print sales goes to 11094 to defray the cost of maintaining and flying this piece of our history.

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