Salvo Drop Across The Head

Salvo Drop Across The Head


Limited Edition
63.5 x 48 cm. (Image Size) Produced on Acid-Free Stock
The Limited Edition of 250 Signed and Numbered Prints
Print Price: $135 CAD


When this A-26C Invader was built at the Douglas Aircraft plant in 1944, the experienced aircraft engineers were thinking of starting fires, not putting them out. Fast, rugged and reliable, it has been performing its peacetime role for 35 years. It may be a peaceful role but it demands more of the pilots as they take off and land repeatedly from hot, dry airstrips that could benefit from some lengthening. Flying low and slow at the drop zone, they are at the ragged edge of a stall at 30 meters above treetops. In this painting, Tanker 27 is dropping all its retardant at once to cool the head of a small fire, and keep it manageably small.

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